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join me in september  2023 

What you can expect:

You’ll learn that food is self care, primal pleasure and powerful medicine. Cooking is a form of meditative and creative expression that we should all have knowledge of. 

Most of us find cooking challenging but I’m going to change your mind. You see, once we learn the value of food, the role it plays in our world and how we feel when we eat, it changes our perspective. 

During this class I’ll inspire you to view food as the foundation of your wellbeing and see your kitchen as the fuel pump that supports your life.  


Class Topics 


Day One: 

Creating an intention in the kitchen 

Your relationship with food

Your belief system is on your plate 

How your food choices affect your environment

Eating in season 

How a cooking party can change your life


Day Two:

Relaxed eating 

The pleasure of food

Sugar and the sweetness of life 

Why you should cook and where to begin

CC Cooks - a live cooking demonstration  

Final thoughts and commencement 

CC's Master Class meets online over two Saturdays. 

Next live class begins in mid September  


Class Total Price: $288


Make it a gift and  send a personal note 

All About CC


CC Consalvo is a holistic food coach specializing in autoimmune protocol, SIBO, GERD, sugar addiction, sugar detox and most food elimination eating plans. She partners with her clients and their doctors through a unique combination of accountability, support and inspiration.

CC is also the creator of: Hello Kitchen have we Met? An inspirational online guide to setting up your kitchen for every day cooking success. She has made it her mission to change our relationship to food and makes the kitchen a creative space to play in. 


After experiencing and healing herself from chronic illness, CC encourages others to turn their kitchens, into medicine cabinets. She believes in embracing rest and recovery as well to give you more energy, focus and balance. When you feel good, you're less likely to soothe with the wrong foods.


CC was a holistic chef for 20 years in Los Angeles and has worked with Lady Gaga, Elton John, Emily and Zooey Deschanel among others. She works closely with doctors protocols and elimination lists to provide personal eating plans and progressive food programs. Eating styles such as Paleo, Gundry, Ketogenic and Plant Based for healthy weight mgmt.

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