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retreat vision

This self care get away is the vision of celebrity chef and food coach, CC Consalvo and her wife Roe.  

Now, more than ever before, it’s time for you to experience true relaxation, reconnect with nature and be comforted by the power of fresh, seasonal food that will change your outlook on eating. Comfort food can also be healthy. You don’t have to choose. 


Why? Self-care helps to bring into sharp focus the things that actually matter to you. Placing priorities enables you to focus and direct your energy toward what’s important and by doing so, we reflect healing onto the world around us. 


You'll be cared for during your stay and enjoy local, humanely raised meats and wild caught fish along with seasonal offerings prepared with love and respect.  See our sample menu below. You will also be inspired and supported to take these ideas home with you. 


We’re realizing that what we eat and how we take care of ourselves has the biggest impact on our overall energy and lifestyle. We all need inspiration to get into the kitchen and CC makes it enjoyable. 


Guests will also enjoy the benefits of peaceful self reflection, soul restoration and overall de-stress with like-minded individuals. Guests may curl up or take part in daily gatherings and explore the island.  More about CC 

retreat details 

April 21-24 -2022

Food Program: 

Featuring Chef CC Consalvo’s signature cuisine using only clean, high quality and exceptionally delicious ingredients that are produced locally and seasonally without the use of harmful chemicals and hormones.

Plant based guests are welcomed and accommodated


Sample Menu:




  • Frittata using local eggs, leeks and mushroom. Arugula pumpkin seed pesto. 

  • Slow cooked porridge with roasted pecans, coconut and berries.

  • House-made, super seed granola, creamy yogurt and maple with seasonal fruit.


Herbal tea, organic coffee, fresh pressed juice. 



Lunch: A tasting of seasonal offerings.


We'll have a main protein along side a selection of seasonal dishes. We don’t have to be rabbits to eat healthy and these sides are not your grandma’s boiled veggies. Think comfort meets spa because we can have tasty and healthy together. 

  • Slow braised, local beef or whole roasted  chicken with a trio of sides. 

  • Beets - Roasted and marinated with dried local figs, herbs, crispy Jamon Iberico and topped with some local Ibiza cheese. 

  • Carrots two ways - pickled with garlic, chili and rosemary also pureed with thyme and fermented garlic.

  • Swiss chard ribbons with tahini and crunchy, roasted garbanzo’s. 





  • Fish -Local, line caught fish delicately seared with a fresh herb, citrus gremolata over a creamy, white bean puree - caramelized shallot and crispy kale. 

  • Slow Braised-Beef Short Rib fermented garlic, over hand made, fresh local tagliatelle, shaved parmesan Reggiano and herb oil. 




Daily Retreat Schedule 


You'll arrive in the late afternoon  to refreshments and snacks. Massage can be arranged upon request. 

8pm Dinner

Friday & Saturday - 

7am  guided meditation and light stretching (optional)

8am Breakfast 

9:30- 11:30am Guided beach or nature trek 

Snacks available throughout the day

2pm Lunch Menu Tastings: 

Each day you will be invited to taste, savor and enjoy the sensory experience of seasonal foods. Several dishes will be presented in a simple, unique way. 

This is not a hands on cooking class but rather a demonstration and overview of how the chef prepared each dish so you may take these ideas home with you. 

3:30 - 7:30 Scheduled massage, down time and exploring 

7:30pm Dinner



7am  guided meditation and light stretching (optional)

8am Breakfast 

Overall Guest Experience: 


  • Meals and Daily Food Tastings included 

  • Lodging included 

  • Mindful Eating 

  • Beach Walks & Nature Treks

  • Guided Meditation daily 

  • One complimentary massage included 

  • Boat rental and water activities can be arrange for an additional fee

  • Our program is designed to reset and rejuvenate therefore non alcoholic beverages will be served.

  • Rates per person will begin at €2,800. 

  • Shared or couples begin at €3,600. 

  • Private rooms available first come first serve. 

A personal message from CC 


Join us on a truly magical island in the Mediterranean Sea. We’ll pamper you with good food to nurture your body and feed your soul. 

We’ll take it easy, have food tastings, discuss relaxed and mindful eating (yes it’s a thing), take nature walks and reconnect in a place that even the best camera cannot capture.  

This is Formentera and we want to share it with you in the most relaxed way. 

My favorite things are no traffic lights, fresh air, juniper and pine trees, laid back charm, exotic beaches and a natural light that’s songs have been written to honor. 

But the most powerful element is of course the sea. Always rated one of the worlds most beautiful beaches, Formentera’s crystal clear turquoise water laps rhythmically around us everywhere and you can hear it in the distance as a guide for our breath to slow down, reconnect and be present. 

Whether you walk, cycle or just cocoon, your stay will be most memorable and you’ll return home inspired with a new sense of food as self care. Which is the most powerful gift you can give yourself.”


CC Consalvo Holistic Chef & Food Coach


About Formentera: 

Off the south coast of Ibiza, a mere half-hour away by fast ferry, the 20km-long island of Formentera (population 12,120) is a beautifully pure, get-away-from-it-all escape. Formentera's pace of life is blissfully languid, designed for lazy days spent lounging on some of Europe's and the world’s, most exquisite beaches.


Nowhere is the lure of the sea more powerful in the Balearics than here, where frost-white slithers of sand are smoothed by water in unbelievable shades of azure and turquoise.


Tourism here is tightly tied to environmental ethics, with hotel numbers restricted and most visitors exploring on two wheels. The sights are of nature with little nightlife, making Formentera perfect for blissful barefoot living. Ask people what they've done for the week and watch them shrug their shoulders, grin and reply: 'Nothing; it was awesome’.