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Although I call Los Angeles home for the past 20 years, Philadelphia raised me. In a pot of multicultural, multiracial souls that contributed to my emotional expression and findings of deeper life meaning.

My experience gave me eyes to see no color but all color at once.   

My work has been called deep, inspiring and wildly textured. 


CC Consalvo 

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Sunsets, Fires and Money
Mustard, juniper, burgundy and orange carve out vivid, leathery strands with other color breaking through much like our own courage to carry on and create a new way.

24 x 48 inches. $3,700 Free shipping within the US. Click link below for purchasing information.
In the Near Distance (SOLD)
Full of bottom and texture. An overlay of almost leathery bands of color woven from brush strokes with sky blue, mauve and muted copper along with matte brass and almost gold elements.

This piece expresses all emotion landing at peace, still growing and finding self love.

Size: 30 x 30
Using wax, ash and acrylic to build texture, sculpture and dimension. The ashes represent nature's new growth spun from the falling away of the old. The wax magnifies a scale of yellow fire, aqua green and rust which also allows light to come through. In life we fall but we rise again.

Size: 30" x 40"
The oceanic Posidonia is an endemic plant of the Mediterranean. It cannot be found anywhere else.
So simple, yet gives life to an underwater forest.

Metallic with blues, purples and green.

Size: 30 x 40
Street Garden
A place where elements, reflections and shadows come together to dance and bloom. Light plays nicely here. Like a concrete wall in a city with faded graffiti. Using clear wax, burnt wood ash and acrylic paint to create texture and dimension. It’s bright but also deep and grounding.

Size: 30" x 40"
Description: This painting is the first of this series. Extremely personal, cathartic and represents purification. The end but also the entrance to a new beginning,

Chiseled silver, mauve and specs of orange paint dance with ash and layers of wax. Reflecting depth which can be seen differently from each vantage point.

Size: 36" x 24"
All Color Bleeds
This piece represents souls who gathered peacefully. Corals, greens and mauve crowd a blanket of blue acrylic with clear wax overlay. Deep yet hopeful.

When we question the truth parts of who we thought we were fall away.

Only the expression of love and this very moment remain. We can try to control it or we can celebrate it, the choice is ours. Inspired by the BLM movement.

Size: 30 x 40
Raining Hearts
Red and aqua erupt with wax along with dark purple and orange.

Ladders of texture for the eye to climb. When we all stand united, our hearts beat to the truth and it rains change.

40 x 30
Snow Orchid
Description: It’s in the relaxing where all the magic happens. When we force things, they allude us. When we walk away, we come to see the new growth.

This painting represents trusting nature to do it’s part. Usually under ground where no eye can see. Suddenly, beauty appears in the form of orchids in the middle of winter.

Using many. layers of burnt paper, ash wax along with greys, mauve and white to create craters of depth.

Size: 20’ x 16
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Before becoming a food coach and chef, I was an artist. Channeling the world around me onto a canvas. Art is sacred and gives life deeper meaning.  


Today I paint for balance which is something I encourage my clients to embrace through my coaching.  Wellbeing is not something you find, it's something you create and it's very personal. 

Currently I have a piece entitled, Rise on display at Malibu City Hall. 

My work has also been featured in various publications such as  

The Palisade's Magazine Fall 2019 issue. 


For private viewings, please contact me directly.

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Well Restored

by CC Consalvo

Raining Hearts

Red and aqua erupt with wax along with dark purple and orange. Ladders of texture for the eye to climb. When we all stand united, our hearts beat to the truth and it rains change. 40 x 30