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Philadelphia raised me. In a pot of multicultural, multiracial souls that contributed to my emotional expression and findings of deeper life meaning. That experience gave me eyes to see the truth. 


My most recent works were born of the BLM movement and a portion of the proceeds will go directly to the Black Lives Matter Movement. 


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All Color Bleeds
If you are awake, you are in the process of expansion. Inspired by the millions of souls who are rising and ready.
When we question the truth, parts of who we thought we were, fall away.

Only the expression of love and this very moment remain. We can try to control it or we can celebrate it, the choice is ours. 

30 x 40

Raining Hearts
When we all stand united, our hearts beat to the truth and it rains change.

Using acrylic and wax.

40 x 30

Iron & Water
When elements are combined the reaction will follow.

30 x 24

This piece represents nature's new growth. The rising above the old giving you the choice as to which you'll see.
Using wax, ash and acrylic paint to create texture and dimension.

Size: 30" x 40"

Price: $2,700
Street Garden
The place where elements, reflections and shadows come together to dance and bloom. Light plays nicely here. Using wax, ash and acrylic paint to create texture and dimension.

Size: 30" x 40"

Price: $2,700
The Comeback
They say the comeback is stronger than the set back.

40 x 30

The core contains the seed.

12 x 12

Dive into life. Pure and simple. This piece represents island life and the pace of receptivity verse getting. It’s in the relaxing where all the magic happens as we switch off and tune into our rhythm.

Size: 30’ x 48’

Price: $1,850
Waiting alongside a castle in Ireland I turned to see a small bridge and under it were these old boats.

They spoke to me as a reminder that even though they’ve aged, they still float. They continue to choose life day after day.

Size: 30 X 40

Price: $1,850
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Before becoming a food coach and chef, I was an artist. Channeling the world around me onto a canvas. Art is sacred and gives life deeper meaning.  


Today I paint for balance which is something I encourage my clients to embrace through my coaching.  Wellbeing is not something you find, it's something you create and it's very personal. 

Currently I have a piece entitled, Rise on display at Malibu City Hall. 

My work has also been featured in various publications such as  

The Palisade's Magazine Fall 2019 issue. 


For private viewings, please contact me directly.


The core contains the seed. 12 x 12 $725