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Food Coach Weekly 3-27-20


Hello Friends,


As you know, Food Coach Weekly is using a different format during this Pandemic. As we all continue to navigate the weight of the situation, I feel compelled to focus on what we can do to support our immune systems along with our sanity at this time. 


There is information regarding the impact vitamin C has had on COVID19. (see video link below) Even if you don't agree with Dr. Saul's entire point of view, we can't argue with the fact that vitamin C has powerful antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties.


Numerous studies, like Dr. Andrew Saul states in his video below, have shown that high does of vitamin C (taken orally and Intravenously) not only improves anti viral levels, but more importantly can prevent and treat acute lung injury. The lungs are what's primarily affected by this virus. 


Consider a Vitamin C supplement (my favorites) 


  • HealthForce SuperFood Vitamin C (food based and more absorbable.)

  • Liposomal Vitamin C - Is better absorbed by your cells and delivers more vitamin C in circulation compared to traditional vitamin C supplements. 

  • Acerola Cherry Powder - You can get it online or at most health food stores. Great to use in a smoothie or simply mix a teaspoon in an 8oz glass of water daily. 


Consider drinking: 

  • Hibiscus tea

  • Fresh lime in your water

  • Citrus juices 

  • Vegetable Juice (use carrots and red peppers in your blend)


What's on CC's plate? 



Also watch this PSA on Safe Grocery Store Shopping 

Watch this re: Vitamin C:  video by Dr. Andrew Saul 


Some of you have reached out for various reasons from challenges with cooking during this time and others are in isolation needing to connect, either way please don't hesitate at any time to call on me. If you have a friend who needs chat, don't hesitate to pass on my info. 


Much Paz Y Amore!



The Damaged Healer 

When I began to cook holistically, because of a crisis and a mission to simply keep my mother alive.  I was 14 when she got sick. The doctors explained ways in which we could help her, food was mentioned. The sound bite I heard and latched onto was something like, if she stays away from processed foods perhaps that will make a difference and prolong her life.  That was all I needed to begin my quest to cook, feed and get my mother well. 


For two years I cooked her meals using fresh ingredients. After several weeks of my cooking, my mother seemed vibrant, grounded and present. Simultaneously we began to have deep and meaningful conversations over meal time. Some about death and others about forgiveness. We bonded more during that time than we did over the course of my entire childhood. 


Within those two years, I got to witness first hand the power and healing of whole, fresh food. Later, when doctors would run tests they would be astounded.  Her immune system was working better than when she first got sick. As if it was rebuilt somehow, is what they’d say. My mother lived 2 years passed the doctors' predictions of a few months. 


Even though most of the time I felt like the parent, on some level I know I chose her to be my mother.  Throughout that experience my life purpose was revealed. On the other side of my mother's destructive lifestyle, was the gift of my healing work.  Full circle? Absolutely. 

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