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Join us on a truly magical island in the Mediterranean. You will be cared for during your stay and enjoy local, organic food created with love and respect by former Los Angeles based, celebrity chef CC Consalvo.  We’ll slow down, explore and reconnect to nature with likeminded individuals in a place that even the best camera cannot capture. 

When we place priorities on eating more intuitively and trusting our most basic need, which is hunger, it allows us to direct our energy toward what’s most important rather than becoming distracted or over informed. Once we set an intention we find ourselves becoming more relaxed and peaceful eaters. Food is pleasure and in order to experience pleasure we must first become relaxed. Now is the time to focus on how we feel, look and perform and great health begins in the kitchen. 

Formentera’s beaches are rated some of the worlds most beautiful. This is our Formentera and we want to share it with you. Fly direct into Ibiza and we're just a thirty minute ferry ride away. 

Whether you walk, swim or just cocoon, your stay will be most memorable and you’ll return home inspired, with a new sense of food as self-care which is the most powerful gift you can give yourself. Let's turn your kitchen into your medicine cabinet.©


Your hosts: CC &  Roe  

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Come be transformed in Formentera 

Retreat Itinerary

Sample Menu

Our food program features Chef CC's signature, anti-inflammatory, clean cuisine using only high-quality and exceptionally delicious ingredients that are produced locally and seasonally without the use of harmful chemicals and hormones. 

Plant-based and vegan guests are welcomed and accommodated. 

Sample menu



  • Frittata using local eggs, leek and mushroom. Arugula pumpkin seed pesto

  • Slow cooked buckwheat porridge with grass fed butter roasted pumpkin seed, wild berry compote

  • House-made, super seed granola, sheep’s milk yogurt and seasonal fruit


Herbal teas and organic coffee




  •  Wild Caught Fish - with lemongrass coriander rice noodles in a mildly spicy coconut broth

  •  Orange Sage Chicken, whipped rosemary and fermented garlic carrots, seasonal greens 

  •  Slow Braised Beef, sugo al pomodoro over handmade, local tagliatelle, aged parmesan  


Plant Based Sample Menu: 

  • Wild rice cakes delicately seared with a fresh herb, citrus gremolata and shallot jam

  • Roasted sweet potato puree, toasted garbazos, dried local fig, herbs, crispy kale

  • Tamari marinated jack fruit, Swiss chard confetti, tahini and roasted cashew


our food program

Each day CC shares doable and  enlightening ways to view your relationship with food. 


No more dieting, hopping on scales and calorie counting. Conserve that energy for living your life. 

You'll leave empowered with a manageable plan of action and a new way to see your kitchen. Accessible, efficient and a place to play and connect to your senses. 

It's what we do most of the time that matters.

In our daily sessions we'll discuss relaxed and intuitive eating, the pleasure of food, cooking with others and how being creative keeps us young.  


You'll also enjoy food tastings and demonstrations.

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Daily sample schedule 

Upon your arrival: 


We will be there to greet you at the port in La Savina. From there we'll take you back to the Villa to unwind, have refreshments and introductions  


7pm  Welcome Dinner


9pm - Tea and conversation 

9:30pm Guided meditation (optional) 

11pm - 8am quiet time




8 - 8:45am  Easing into the day - light guided movement and meditation 


9 -10:15am   Breakfast Al Fresca


10:30 - 1pm  Daily excursions to explore exquisite beaches, cliff tops, walks through pine forests.   


1 - 3pm  Afternoon free time  - Refreshments at the Villa, swim, yoga, lounge or explore surrounding villages


3:30pm - 5:30pm -  Coaching with CC - enjoy food tastings and learn how cooking with friends and family is a sensory experience. CC will show you how an intentional mindset is your best kitchen tool. We'll also prepare and enjoy a meal together. 

7:30pm  Dinner


8:30 - 10pm  Lounge music and freestyle dancing or a healing sound bath at the Villa 

11pm - 8am Quiet time 

Sample Schedule
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Each day, Roe is your guide to  discover rare, hidden places on the smallest and prettiest of the Balearic Islands. 

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Built in 1800, this villa, all one level with sea views was recently renovated with great detail. A house that preserves the roots and spirit of the island. Contemporary decor with open space, several chill out areas, terrace, swimming pool, all surrounded by olive, almond, juniper and fig trees sitting atop the southernmost point of the Balearic Islands.

All bedrooms are ensuite with shower and sliding doors to outside terraces.

This retreat is small up to 10 people max for a more personal approach.