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How CC's pop up works 

Each meal is designed and hand crafted by myself, personally. I believe in a mindful approach to food that allows you to have more time, energy and maintain a healthy weight naturally. Food is pleasure and it’s also energy to fuel our busy lives. 


My progressive, nutrient dense meals are always gluten-free, sugar free and dairy-free. Some fermented soy (tempeh or miso) is used sparingly and  everything is made with local, seasonal and organic produce that I handpick at the Santa Monica farmers market. 


I use either avocado or coconut oil to cook and package your meals in bio degradable and recyclable containers.” 


CC Consalvo, Holistic Chef & HHC


Simple terms and conditions for your review 

  • Treat yourself to 2 weeks of either the Essential or Premier package. Details below. 

  • Register now for first delivery on Wednesday 2-26-20. 10 slots only. 

  • Save when you book for March, April and May by 2-21-20. Contact CC directly. 

  • Your payment is your order. 

  • You will get an e-mail or text reminder.  

  • Local door step delivery in these specific areas only. 

  • (Palisades, Santa Monica, Westwood, Brentwood, Venice and parts of Malibu)

  • This is an exclusive offer and for a limited time. 

  • Your meals are complete, have multiple portions. Simply warm and enjoy.

  • Enjoy CC’s local, entirely whole food, plant based, signature menu. 

  • No substitutions on this plan - however I will consider 2 dis-likes. 

  • Delivery is on Saturday and or Wednesday early mornings between 4-6am. 

  • For the Premier package, you'll receive  half Wednesday and half on Saturday. 

  • If you have any questions or would like to talk it over, contact me. 

You will receive a confirmation e-mail from CC

once you've placed your order below.

Essential Package 

6 main dishes - each with 2 servings per dish. Yielding 12 eating occasions. 

2 Nutrient dense treats - with 4-6 servings of each. Yielding 4-8 eating occasions. 

One delivery weekly 

Perfect for 1 or 2 people with no time to prep and cook.


(minimum order 2 weeks)

Delivery is Saturday OR Wednesday

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2 ways to pay

Pay Pal Guest Checkout above or

Venmo - CC Consalvo 

Premier Package

10 Main dishes - each with 2 servings per dish. Yielding 20 eating occasions.  


4 nutrient dense treats each with 4-6 servings - yielding 16 - 20 eating occasions. 


Half of this is delivered on Sat

the other on Wednesday

Perfect for 3 -5 people  




(minimum order 2 weeks)

Delivery is Saturday and Wednesday

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2 ways to pay

Pay Pal Guest Checkout above


Venmo - CC Consalvo 

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