CC turns kitchens into medicine cabinets. 

"CC is a master at working with seemingly absurd dietary restrictions.  always fresh, always healthy and most importantly, always delicious."   


Todd Lieberman 

Film Producer 

(the Fighter and the Proposal)

"The members of the Pacific Palisades Woman's Club enjoyed the healthy luncheon, the recipe tips and the entire experience of your demonstration. 

Your warmth, creativity and knowledge made this event a success.

We would definitely like to schedule another event for our members. When can we do this again?"

Catherine Ruddy, President of the PPWC.

"CC creates delicious, nutritious food. I look forward to every meal and snack. I can't believe this is healthy eating. Each meal feel like a decadent treat! I had no idea that nutritious, plant based food could taste this good! Thanks CC!"

Emily Deschanel, Actress 

Driven by food and passionate about human potential, CC offers

a unique combination of coaching, accountability and

personal food programs.


  • Eating styles such as Paleo, Gundry, Ketogenic and Plant Based for healthy weight mgmt.

  • Auto immune disorders, Sugar detox, inflammatory diseases and food intolerances.   

  • CC also richly provides accountability, Motivational guidance and mindful inspiration to her clients. 

  • Doctor restricted meal plans and elimination lists welcome.

  • Personal kitchen Resets, farmers market and grocery tours.  

  • House staff training. National and international via webcam.    


"My progressive coaching programs are designed to give you more energy, focus and balance. We start with local, organic nutrient dense ingredients direct from small farms. From there, I'll create a personal food program along with manageable goal setting that will fill you physically and inspire you spiritually. I'll assist you to create a lifestyle not just another quick fix." CC Consalvo 

Specializing in:

I'm old school.

Call or e-mail me directly.

It all begins with a phone call. You want to see if this is a good fit and I'd like to know the struggles and challenges you're facing every day. 


Many of my clients are people like you, on their path who have outcomes they want to achieve.


Together we will discover your unique needs and create real action steps and personal menus to both support and guide you through the process. 

"My mission is to assist individuals to feel good now. I believe we can take responsibility for our own health and happiness and it should not be some far off idea, but a "now" reality. We are more then a diagnosis or a old belief. Yes it's a process but we can choose to trust the evolution of that process.  


Feeling better, happier and having clarity is possible. How? Through the foods we eat, the thoughts that turn into beliefs and how we see ourselves in the world; all make up who we are and how we feel. As we live our lives fully, we inspire others to do the same creating a powerful ripple effect. We must start right where we are, with what what have. Progress not perfection."


CC Consalvo, Chef & HHC


The opinions expressed on and by CC Consalvo are published for educational and informational purposes only, and are not intended as a diagnosis, treatment or as a substitute for professional medical advice. Please consult your physician or other health care professional for your specific health care and/or medical needs or concerns.