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The Conscious Eating Method 2022 ®


First, you and I will have a private discovery session (call or webcam whichever you prefer) to go over where you are and where you’d like to be with your relationship to food. I’ll  share insights and collect details of your specific protocol, eating style and lifestyle factors. This takes about 45 minutes to an hour. 


From there, I’ll create your personal support protocol complete with:


  • Food based solutions and bio hacks to balance your weight, blood sugar and overall wellbeing. These are tailored guidelines and proven tools to have you see real results.  

  • You’ll also have access to my self paced course, Hello Kitchen Have we Met, to revitalize your kitchen and begin to see it as your medicine cabinet. This course encourages you to embrace your inner chef so that cooking becomes an intuitive, mindful meditation and your kitchen has a creative flow. 

  • Also included is access to my private cooking video library with over thirty five cooking demonstrations, each with no more than seven ingredients per dish. Keeping things clean and easy for you to prep and also digest.


You'll receive your personal support protocol. In 30 days you and I will have a follow up session to go over your results. In the meantime, I’ll check in weekly for support and encouragement. 

Conscious Eating Method
including 2 private sessions with CC $495

CC specializes in autoimmune protocol, SIBO, GERD, sugar addiction, sugar detox and most all food elimination plans. Eating styles include: Clean Eating,  Plant Based, Keto, Keto Flex and Paleo. 

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