"My mission is to assist and inspire individuals to feel good now. Many of my clients are much like yourselves, on their own unique healing path and coaching reminds us that we are more than a diagnosis or an old belief. When life gets in the way, coaching begins." 

CC Consalvo 

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 "FCW is very personal. I’m sharing what’s worked

 for me in successfully managing my own autoimmune disorder along with my 15 years of  holistic chef and food coach knowledge and experience.

Anti inflammatory foods, along with managing stress, self talk and getting rest, all work in sync.    CC Consalvo HHC 

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During COVID 19 I'm offering complimentary immune support information. 

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  Virtual Webcam or Phone Call Sessions with CC

Calls are a great way to review and discuss any resistance around your goals. If it's your first time, you'll receive a mini health questionnaire ahead of the call for you to share what you'd like to cover during our time together. 


Web Cam sessions allow us to connect, demonstrate kitchen tasks, simplify and improve our goals. Often time letting go of what no longer servers us is the path of least resistance.  

$65 for 30 mins. 




$95 for 1 hour. 


Packages are available. Ask CC for details.  

for more details on Food Coach Weekly food coaching or CC's holistic chef services, reach out below. 


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