Cooking Heals

Cooking heals. I’ve seen it first hand. Every time you eat you’re sending a message to your body. 


During my 17 years as a personal chef, I had to be organized and make my kitchen more efficient so that I could do less cooking, more often. That’s the key. Prep now and eat well later. 


I'll create personal meal plans, develop simple, uncomplicated recipes and grocery lists specific to your eating style. 


Cooking is a powerful way to love yourself and your family. Your kitchen really is your medicine cabinet and I’m going to reveal ways you can shift cooking from a chore based idea to the mindful meditation that it really is. 

CC Consalvo, Holistic Chef and Nutrition Coach

Nutrition Coaching & Meal Plan Packages 

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Starter Plan 


  • Custom meal plan based upon your eating style 

  • Food Coach Weekly 3 month subscription. 

  • Follow up e-mail access to CC 

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"CC has helped me enormously during times of stress and illness.  She is a wonderful resource for healthy cooking with natural ingredients and her skills allow her to help at any level including virtually.   

She’s available for presentations, demonstrations and seminars. I can’t speak highly enough about her warm and inspiring style as well as her mouthwatering recipes." 


C. Melville


Basic Plan


  • Complete custom meal plan based upon your eating style 

  • Grocery list specific to your plan.

  • 30 minute session with CC

  • Food Coach Weekly 3 month sub.

  • Follow up e-mail access to CC 

One Time Payment 



Food is personal, emotional and it's how we communicate with ourselves.

CC works with you and your practitioner to put your protocol into action.

Elimination lists, meal plans and menu planning are CC's forte.  






  • Complete custom meal plan based upon your eating style 

  • Grocery list specific to your plan.

  • 3 - 30 minute phone or web cam sessions with CC

  • 6 months of Food Coach Weekly

  • Follow up e-mail access to CC 

One Time Payment 


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 "FCW is very personal. Each week I’m sharing what’s worked for me in successfully managing my own autoimmune disorder along with my 15 years of  holistic chef  and coach experience.

Anti inflammatory foods, along with managing stress, self talk and getting rest, all work in sync. and that's what my weekly vlog is about. 


  CC Consalvo HHC 

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