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Retreat terms & Conditions 

Intuitive & Mindful Eating Retreat | Formentera May 25-30

We will send addional waiver forms for everyone in your party. Please agree to receive this information.

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Please read carefully and sign our Terms and Conditions before purchasing below. 


This Retreat Agreement, hereinafter referred to as “Agreement,” is made between the retreat organizer referred to as “organizer” specifically as follows:


Chris Consalvo and Rosemarie Mattar 

Well Restored Retreats

Email: CC@WellRestor 


and you, as a user of this website and guest of the retreat (“Guest”).


This form must be signed in order to purchase and attend the  retreat. Your attendance at the Retreat, as defined below, is subject to each of the terms and conditions contained within this Agreement, all parts and sub-parts of which are specifically incorporated by reference here. By clicking “Purchase,” “Confirm,” “Attend,” or using a “tic box” undertaking any other affirmative action manifesting your intent to attend the Retreat, including providing the Organiser with credit card or billing information to be charged for attendance at the Retreat, you acknowledge and agree that you are entering into a legally binding agreement with the Organiser. Organiser and Guests may be referred to individually as “Party” and collectively as the “Parties.”

Travel Insurance: 

  • It is mandatory that all guests must purchase and maintain travel insurance during the entire length of the Retreat (including through the return date). Guests that choose to purchase coverage are individually responsible for paying for travel insurance and ensuring adequate coverage. Coverage should include, but not be limited to illness, injury, property damage, loss of personal items, death, cancellation and any other potential losses, damages, expenses, and/or liabilities. Organisers Chris Consalvo and Rosemarie Mattar are not responsible or liable for any loss, damage, injury, expense, cost, or any other travel issue. 




  • Payment is due in full at the time of booking to reserve your room.  

  • Payments may be made via any major credit card using our Stripe check out. 



  • 100% refund for cancellation within 60 days of event date or by March 25, 2023.

  • 50% refund for cancellation 30 days before event start or April 25, 2023. 

  • 0% refund for cancellation for less than 30 days before event start date or after April 25, 2023. Payment becomes non refundable.

  • The Organiser reserves the right to cancel the Retreat Experience at any time  prior to the start date, reason is the Organiser’s sole discretion and, in such an event, you will receive a full refund of the amount you remitted to the Organiser, but in no event will the Organiser be responsible for any other amount, including preparation costs, airfare, travel documents, or any other Losses.

Media Release:


  • We understand and respect your privacy. We will make it clear and announce when and if we take any photographs, video or voice recordings. Just let us know you have questions or would like to be exempt, contact the organizer to discuss. 

  • You acknowledge and agree that before and during the Retreat, you may be subject to photographs, video, sound recordings, or other media captures of your face, name, voice, or likeness. 

  • You hereby release the Release Receiver from any and all claims and demands arising out of or in connection with any use of the Released Media, including, without limitation, claims for privacy violations, right of publicity claims, defamation and/or any other intellectual property rights. You claim no ownership of the Released Media and forego any opportunity, whether past or present, to copyright or trademark the Released Media.

  • Receiver may not make known to any party in any medium guests known or previously known location, email or physical address, or any other contact details, such as phone number.


  • Activity risks include but are not limited to: Morning Stretching,  daily guided walks for 2-4 miles in nature, including over uneven terrain such as sand and rocks. Swimming, yoga, massage or any other activity of which you voluntarily participate in during this retreat, on or off the Villa property.  

  • I agree that it is my responsibility to consult a physician before participating in this or any Retreat physical activities and I affirm that I am physically able to participate in the retreat activities. 

  • I agree to hold the Organizer, and if applicable, its employees, owners, agents, trainers, and representatives, harmless from any damage, whether tangible or intangible, that may happen to me while participating in the Retreat. Such injuries may include, but are not limited to, muscle strains, muscle sprains, muscle spasms, heart attacks, raised blood pressure, and broken, fractured, or dislocated bones.

  • The  retreat organizers and or employees, the villa and its hosts are not liable for any third party bookings, hires or events i.e. boat rental, wind surfing, scuba or snorkeling excursion, car rental etc.  


By signing this waiver agreement you agree  to the following terms:


1) The participant agrees that their participation in the Well Restored Retreat is voluntary. Additionally, the participant agrees to assume any risk that is associated with participating in the event and releases Well Restored Retreat from any and all claims of damage and loss that may be as a result of participation. The release is without limitation and includes the personal injury fees, attorney’s fees and any other losses that might occur to the participant.

2) The participant agrees to hold harmless Well Restored against any and all claims of damage and or limited  including damage to Villa property caused by the participant.

3) The participant hereby warrants that they are physically fit and able to participate in this retreat without any undue  and unforseen risk.

4) Well Restored maintains that the right to refuse the participation in the retreat if they foresee that participation would risk damage to any party.

5) This waiver agreement is governed by the laws of the Balearic Islands. Any legal claims or lawsuits related to the precipitants in the Retreat shall take place in courts located in Balearic Islands, Ibiza Spain. 

6) The participant agrees that this waiver agreement shall remain in full force and take effect without change and that participation in the retreat is pursuit to the terms of the agreement.

7) We the organizers reserve the right to cancel at any time for any reason. 


By signing this waiver you assume all risks involved in this retreat and agree to all the terms and conditions listed above. All persons in your party must sign this waiver. 

At the conclusion of these steps, you will receive a confirmation email which will outline the details of your completed registration. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of completing your registration, please contact Organizer.

Organizer may request the provision of additional information, such as identification, form signature and travel information and/or additional forms and questionnaires. You hereby consent to receive all such correspondence related to the Retreat, including the itinerary. 

Please be advised the itinerary is subject to change and may be modified by Organizer at any time for any reason, including, but not limited to weather, third-party vendors or providers, and any local circumstances which Organizer deems unfit for travel. Attendee's must be 18+ years or older to attend. This is a smoke free retreat. 

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