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In the face of convenience and clever food marketing, we’ve lost sight of our capacity to truly care for ourselves and trust our bodies symptoms as messengers. We are over informed yet under nourished. What can we do? 

Our Virtual Mindful Eating Retreat will give you doable, action steps to put into practice right away, to begin feeling better about your relationship with food. 


  • Start the day with morning movement lead by Roe.

  • We’ll move through a series of carefully curated modules specifically targeted at creating a new food framework. 

  • CC will demonstrate the marriage of fresh seasonality with a few pantry items to bring simple, progressive meals together.  

  • We’ll also share food based remedies for daily living as well as transform how you see your kitchen. 

  • You’ll participate in a visual mediation and learn how reconnecting and grounding in nature improves digestion.  



We’ve taken some of the best offerings from our Island retreat and re-designed them into a powerful, immersive online program that you can enjoy from home.


This is a half day program designed to target the fundamentals of mindful eating along with food based, bio hacks to assist your system and support your day to day lifestyle.


Whether you’re looking for a reset or to have a more balanced relationship with food, this online retreat is for you. 

UK and EU Guests 


US Guests



€145 for this half day program.

About CC


CC Consalvo is a food mindset coach creating personal care programs based upon nutrition, trauma, stress and lifestyle.


She specializing in AIP or autoimmune protocol, SIBO, GERD, sugar addiction, sugar detox and most food elimination eating plans. 


She partners with her clients, their practitioners and doctors through a unique combination of support, inspiration and accountability to attain sustainable outcomes. 


After experiencing and healing herself from chronic illness, CC encourages others to turn their kitchens into medicine cabinets and embrace a deep more, soulful connection to one's inner nutritionist. 


She also believes in rest and recovery to give you more energy, focus and balance. When you feel good in your body, you're less likely to soothe with the wrong foods.


CC was a holistic chef for 20 years in Los Angeles and has worked with Lady Gaga, Sir Elton John, Emily and Zooey Deschanel among others.


She'll works closely with your protocol, elimination lists and any eating style such as Paleo, Ketogenic, Mediterranean, Gundry, Plant Based, Vegan or Animal Based and whole food eating to reduce inflammation.  

CC is the creator of: Hello Kitchen have we Met? An inspirational online guide to setting up your kitchen for every day cooking success.


She has made it her mission to change our relationship to food and makes the kitchen a creative, sacred space to be in. 

Book a consult with CC now 

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