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The Well Restored Mindset

is a beautiful, supportive community rich in powerful content to assist you in discovering your inner nutritionist.  

CC is a certified holistic nutritionist, master food coach, mental health counselor and holistic chef.

For years I’ve coached celebrities and high profile clients around the world and one thing they all have in common, is that a healthy relationship with food is top priority and their mindset is what sustains that relationship.

Our bodies along with our symptoms are the result of our habits, past traumas and experiences. When we give ourselves time to slow down, get honest about where we’re stuck, everything changes for good. 

You’ll have full access to a catalog of content designed to inspire a clean eating mindset, no matter your eating style, that will drive you back to balance and most importantly, have you feeling consistently good both mentally and physically.



CC Consalvo | Holistic Nutrition & Food Mindset

What are the benefits? 

  • You’ll learn sustainable habits that replace deprivation diets.

  • Learn how relaxed, intuitive eating can minimize physical symptoms. 

  • Connect with a kind, curious and supportive community of others like yourself. 

  • Break food addictions and eating cycles that make you sick and don’t serve your future self.

  • Learn to plan, shop, prep and stock your kitchen with ease. 

  • Learn how eating in season fosters a connection to the earth and helps the environment.

  • Develop a holistic, food based approach to living. 

  • Progress quickly with a new food mindset.

  • Look, feel and perform better than ever and have more energy.  

C Roe Fruit .jpg
C Roe Fruit .jpg

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What's Included? 

 Your membership consists of digital content and group interaction on topics, overseen by CC and her team to develop your relationship with food and cooking. 


Learn how to think less and connect more to the intuitive wisdom of your body’s unique, primal hunger. In addition you’ll be supported by a beautiful community of souls on the path to feeling good in their skin.   

  • Introduction and orientation. 

  • Full access to all digital lessons. (Hours of self-paced, on demand content) 

  • Hello Kitchen have we Met? (CC’s cutting edge series on how to meal plan, shop, prep and stock your kitchen for every day cooking.) 

  • Monthly check-in’s with CC, based on member questions. 

  • Full access to CC’s archived cooking video library. Simple and seasonal ideas. 

  • What’s on our plate - Easy, real-time meal ideas from Roe and CC’s kitchen.  

  • Member perks like discounts on 1 to 1 coaching, giveaways and more.  

  • Community members forum for support, interaction and inspiration.

  • New content added monthly. 

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