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What they're saying about CC...



"The members of the Pacific Palisades Woman's Club enjoyed the healthy luncheon you prepared, the recipes you shared and the entire experience of your cooking demonstration. Your warmth, creativity and knowledge made this event a success. We would definitely like to schedule another event like it for our members.  When can we do this again?"  

Catherine Ruddy, President of the Pacific Palisades Woman's Club. 

"CC is a master at working with seemingly absurd dietary restrictions.  always fresh, always healthy and most importantly, always delicious."   


Todd Lieberman

 Film Producer 

(the Fighter and the Proposal)

I just want to thank you Chef CC for making such delicious meals for me, and for truly restoring me to health…. I needed help nutritionally and your meals have blown me away with their freshness, flavorings and imagination. I will keep you posted on any cravings. 


Thanks again,

Amy Brenneman


Actress (Judging Amy, Private Practice and The Leftovers)

"CC makes delicious, nutritious food. I look forward to every meal and snack. I can't believe that it's healthy. Each meal feels like a decadent treat! I had no idea that nutritious vegan food could taste this good! " Thanks CC!


Emily Deschanel 

 Actress and star of Fox's TV show Bones



CC thank you... I have now put your name on every treatment plan that goes out to every patient, as a referral. 


All the best,   


Dr. Trebilcock,  Naturopathic Doctor 



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