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About CC

CC Consalvo is a holistic nutritionist and food mindset coach creating personal care programs based upon nutrition, trauma, stress and lifestyle.


She specializes in autoimmune protocol (AIP),  SIBO, GERD, sugar addiction, sugar detox and most food elimination eating plans. 


She partners with her clients, their practitioners and doctors through a unique combination of support, inspiration and accountability to attain sustainable outcomes. 


After experiencing and healing herself from chronic illness, CC encourages others to turn their kitchens into medicine cabinets and embrace a deep, more soulful connection to ones inner nutritionist. 


She also believes in rest and recovery to give you more energy, focus and balance. When you feel good you're less likely to soothe with the wrong foods.


CC was a holistic chef for 20 years in Los Angeles and has worked with Lady Gaga,Sir Elton John, Emily and Zooey Deschanel among others.


She works closely with your protocol, elimination lists and any eating style such as Paleo, Ketogenic, Mediterranean, Gundry, Plant Based, Vegan or Animal Based and whole food eating to reduce inflammation.  

CC is the creator of: Hello Kitchen have we Met? An inspirational online guide to setting up your kitchen for every day cooking success.


She has made it her mission to change our relationship with food and make the kitchen a creative, sacred space. 

Me Kitchen _edited.jpg

„Keine Milchprodukte, kein Zucker, keine Nudeln, kein Brot, kein Reis, keine Kartoffeln, keine Kohlenhydrate, kein Problem. CC ist ein Meister darin, mit scheinbar absurden Ernährungsbeschränkungen zu arbeiten. Immer frisch, immer gesund und vor allem immer lecker. 

Todd Lieberman, Film- und Fernsehproducer 

Verfügbare Dienste  



  • Initial Consultation with CC: Designed to give you a clear objective with food and how CC will support and assist you. Together on a webcam consult, we’ll discuss your specific protocol, where you are with your relationship with food and your desired outcome.    Book now.

  • 1 to 1 Coaching with CC:  All coaching begins with an initial consultation which is then applied any package. A unique, holistic support program that includes weekly private webcam coaching, personal meal plans, chef or meal services placement and management. A program tailored to your specific protocol, food likes, eating style and desired outcome. . One, three and six month programs available.Text, e-mail and phone support available in between sessions. Book your initial consult.


Trainings and Meal Services: 


  • Personal Chef/Meal Services Placement: CC collaborates with her team of likeminded chefs to manage your experience from meal plans to meal delivery based upon your specific needs, likes and protocol for consistency and variety. In home chef placement also available. Contact CC.

  • Personal Chef Training: National and international. As your needs change, your chef or house staff should adjust. CC collaborates with your staff to elevate their knowledge of how to shop, stock and of course prepare meals for Gluten free, allergies, intolerances, GERD, SIBO, sugar detox, plant based and keto. Working with your doctor’s elimination lists and protocol. 

  • Recipe Development: CC develops, styles and photographs original recipes for on-line content, film, editorials, cookbooks, restaurants and meal delivery services.

  • Public Speaking: Book CC for workplace wellbeing programs, your next group event, retreat, team building, keynote presenting or your private event. 

  • Creator of Hello Kitchen Have we Met? A self paced, fully mentored course to support and inspire you to plan, shop, prep and stock your kitchen for every day cooking flow. Cooking saves time, money and creates bonds with friends and family. You’ll look, feel and perform better as a result. More.

Retreats (Island and Virtual) 

  • Private Island Retreat: Allow us to curate a private island getaway for you and your group. Private chef, excursions, island guide. From 2-12 people and we’ll work with your budget. 

  • Virtual Mindful Eating Retreat - In the face of convenience and clever food marketing, we’ve lost sight of our capacity to truly care for ourselves and trust our bodies symptoms as messengers. We are over informed yet under nourished. What can we do? Our Virtual Mindful Eating Retreat will give you doable, action steps to put into practice right away, to begin feeling better about your relationship with food. Get on the list. 

  • Mindful Eating Island Retreat: When we place priorities on eating more intuitively and trusting our most basic need, which is hunger, it allows us to direct our energy toward what’s most important. Join us on a truly magical island in the Mediterranean. You will be cared for during your stay and enjoy local, organic food prepared with love and respect by CC. We’ll take it slow, gather in supportive, coaching sessions, take nature walks and reconnect with likeminded individuals in a place the best camera cannot capture.

chef placement

CC has helped me enormously...

during times of stress and illness.  She is a wonderful resource for healthy cooking with natural ingredients and her skills allow her to help at any level including virtually.  


She’s available for presentations, demonstrations and seminars. I can’t speak highly enough about her warm and inspiring style as well as her mouthwatering recipes."                        C. Melville 


Die auf, Food Coach Weekly und von CC Consalvo geäußerten Meinungen werden nur zu Bildungs- und Informationszwecken veröffentlicht und sind nicht als Diagnose, Behandlung oder als Ersatz für professionelle medizinische Beratung gedacht. Bitte konsultieren Sie Ihren Arzt oder eine andere medizinische Fachkraft für Ihre spezifische Gesundheitsfürsorge und/oder medizinische Bedürfnisse oder Bedenken.

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